Discover Mayan Route in 6 Days

Day 1: Cancun – Ek Balam – Chichen Itza – Merida.

Ek Balam – has been for far one of the most exclusive places for tourism. Ek Balam, is the archeological center with its fantastic discoveries of the last decades, turned upside down the usual understanding of the Mayan culture. Chichen Itza has been considered one of the most important cities of the Mayan Empire, its majesty of the buildings such as the Kukulkán pyramid(feathered serpent), the Temple of the Warriors, the Ball Game, the Observatory and the sacred well, at this place countless virgins women where sacrificed to the gods. As you keep walking among these spectacular constructions you will notice that they have withstood the passing of time, and your professional tour guide will make you feel part of the history, as he will explain every little detail of this amazing Mayan Civilization. After the Ruins you will have the chance to Swim in the cenote of Ik-Kil,Cenote Ik Kil (cenote means “natural well” in Spanish) is a large sinkhole on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula that’s sacred to the Mayans.

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Day 2: Merida – Uxmal – Campeche.

Visit Uxmal one of  the greatest metropolitan and religious center in the Puuc hills of Yucatan during the late Classical period, flourishing between the 7th and 10th centuries AD. Uxmal translates as ‘thrice built’ and, whatever the actual number, the numerous building phases are reflected in a variety of architectural styles, and then we will Visit to the incredible representative of the architecture of Puuc, Uxmal, the city of the Mayan Classical period. Arrival to Campeche.

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Day 3: Campeche – Waterfall Misol Ha – Palenque.

Visit Campeche’s walls protect, literally, the archaeological treasures in the city. At the San Miguel Fort – Campeche’s Archaeological Museum – ancient pottery and jade masks are exhibited.  The River Misol-Ha (meaning “Streaming Water”), in the “Chol” tribe area of Chiapas, creates one of the state’s most wonderful natural sights as the river glides off the edge of a cliff and some 120 feet (35 m) down into a deep pool of water surrounded by lush vegetation and the water is deliciously refreshing. A small walkway will take you behind the water curtain created by the waterfall. There are some caves behind, which local people (waiting nearby) will give you a guided tour of in return for a small tip.

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Day 4: Palenque – Chetumal.

Visit to the archeological center of Palenque, one of the most magnificent places of Mayan civilization. This City-Gallery contains the stone portraits of the priests and of the emperor Pakal II, as well as a dynasty chronicle, the temple of the Sun and the Cross, “spaceman” image on the wall of the Emperor Pakal sarcophagus etc. This City-Mystery is drowning in lianas of the tall jungles of Chiapas. Arrival to Chetumal.

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Day 5: Chetumal- Kohunlich – Bacalar.

Visit the ruins of Kohunlich and admire one of the most studied sites in the area. Walk through the ruins of this ancient Maya ceremonial center and climb its spectacular temple dedicated to the Sun God, and Bacalar that is known for its natural fresh water laguna that changes 7 colours. I can’t recall the name of the restaurant but it’s diagonally across from the San Felipe fort.

cancun_adventure_tours_bacalar_2 cancun_adventure_tours_bacalar_1

Day 6: Bacalar – Riviera Maya or Cancun.

We will take a boat ride down the lake, entering narrow mangrove channels, passing swimming and Snorkel at the Stromatolites Which are literally living rock. After Snorkel on the Departure to Cancun or Riviera Maya after Lunch.

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