Things to Know About Cancun

Things to Know About Cancun

Things to Know About Cancun


Planning your next vacation to Cancun or Riviera Maya? here you will find several tips that can be relevant about the destination, such as Cancun Airport, Time Zone, Currency,  Language spoken in Cancun, Tips, Electricity,  Passports and Visas, Buses, Ferries, Consulates, Hospitals, and emergency contacts in the area.

Cancun International Airport Cancun International Airport, is the largest second airport in Mexico, and has all the facilities for your comfort with all the necessary  technical and human equipment to help you to move around the International Airport, where you will find Immigration Office,  Money Exchange, Transportation, Restaurants, Duty free Shops, and if for some reason you may need help, you can approach to any of the airport friendly staff whom speak  English and they will guide or give you the directions.

For more information about round trip transportation, from the Airpot to your Hotel and Hotel Airport here you will find some helpful links.

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Getting Around Cancun If you are staying at the Hotel Zone in Cancun it is very easy to move around by Taxi or by Bus,  there is buses that can take you to downtown, or any other Places like Marinas, Tours and Attractions, Night Clubs, or some of the Downtown Supermarkets like Walmart, Cotsco, Sams, where you can buy groceries or to the Bus Terminal, you also can find taxis, but the can be a little more expensive, but they will provide an excellent services to you. We highly recommend  that if you are planning to go in a Private Tour in Cancun or the Riviera Maya  always go with Professional Certified Guides that will take to the best places of the area.

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Cancun Weather Cancun  has a great weather and most of the time it can be very sunny with an average 25.5 degrees Celsius [78 degrees F], with fluctuations of five to seven degrees and during the day can be the perfect weather to participate in several activities such as Water Sports,  and for a Visit to the Ruins and Parks so do not forget to bring along your suntan lotions. The weather in cancun boasts year round sunshine making it an ideal vacation destination any time of year.  The weather in Cancun is tropical and humid with average temperatures ranging from 68° to 86° F during our fall and winter season from October to March and from 75° a 91° F during the  spring and summer months from April to September.

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Cancun Time Zone Currently Cancun is the only place place in Mexico that keep the Summer Time,  thats mean is i hour ahead from rest of Mexico,  and the reason is because with the winter time,  it just to become  dark at 5:30 pm, and now with the time, the sun is still out until 6:45 so people can take advantage in case they want to spend some more time on the beach or just relax before the sun comes down.

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Cancun Currency In Mexico the official currency is the Mexican Pesos, but in Cancun since this is a very touristic place, everybody will take Pesos and Dollars, it is import an for you to know that if you want to pay in pesos you need to check the exchange rate of the date whenever you decide to
exchange , and the banks are the only legal places where you can exchange Money, but you have to bring along your Passport or your ID, and is MONDAY TO FRIDAY from 9:00am to 4:00 pm.

cancun_adventure_tours_billete_200_pesos cancun_adventure_tours_billete-50-dolares

Language spoken in Cancun In mexico the Official Language is Spanish but in Cancun due the amount of tourist that we receive from all over the world, the major part of the Mexicans that works for tourist Industry, they normally speak English, and most of the time is a requirement to work for any company of the industry, plus some other languages, such as French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, among some other, so don be surprise if you hear people that speak different languages.

Tips The average Tips for people working in the Tourist Industry such as Drivers, Waiters, Tour Guides, Dive Instructors, Boat Captains, among some others is between 10 to 15 % for any of the services, but this is not Mandatory, but if the service was good, and they deserved, they will be very happy to receive a Tip, a lot of the Workers they just have a base Salary, but the normally work for tips.

Cancun Electricity Most of the Hotels in Cancun and the Riviera Maya they supply electricity  of 110 volts, and some of the hotels have converters for guest from Europe and South America, many of the sockets at the hotels, do not need a converter, but if come from Europe or South america,  we always recommend you to bring along one with you.

Cancun Telecommunications The telecommunications in Cancun are modern and up to date, and the mayor part of the touristic areas have access to Wireless Internet, Fax, CableTv, and also in some restaurants and Coffee Shops like StarBucks, Mcdonalds, among some others that will offers this kind of service for free, it is important to remind you that no all of the hotels have Internet Access for free, so check at the front desk of your hotel, also the telephone calls, can be expensive from your hotel. To Dial from Mexico to the US and Canada you have to dial 001 and the area code, and the cheapest way to call is with prepaid phone cards. If you already in Cancun the way to dial to any local number is if this is local is just 7 digits 2855566 if this is a Cell Phone is 044 9981 947134 for example.

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